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by Zleven on 01/09/2009

My name’s Zleven, and I’ll be your host on this interesting journey ;).
The main goal of our site is to make a “one stop shop” of info reviews, on every english rpg video game ever made.
Feel free to check out any of the games we’ve already talked about by checking out my ultimate List of Roleplaying Videogames.
We also have a Youtube Channel so you can see videos of most of your favorite rpgs.
For everyone please enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

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Huge Update!

by Zleven on 06/06/2011

I’m doing a huge update to site and moving each rpg review I’ve done so far to it’s own page.
Check the List of Roleplaying Games link to check for games in the future. They say simpler is better ;)
Some examples of what the pages look like:
The Witcher 2

I will update this post once everything is complete.
edit: All done for now.



The highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is scheduled to release very soon here (Sept 7th) for Psp owners.
KH: BBS has incorporated a branching storyline, by making the gamer choose from 3 main characters in the beginning. Of course you can always come back after you finish the first storyline, and finish the other 2 for 100% completion, but besides that, and some other small perks, if you have ever played a recent Kingdom Hearts game before this one, then you know what to expect.

The thing that I did want to point out however is that there is another game under the radar for a lot of Psp owners, just because of what I think might be bad marketing.

This game is called Cladun: This is an Rpg.

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